The Crate Diggers Project

Showcasing DJs and vinyl enthusiasts and their record collections.

DJ Scuzzi’s Collection

November 28, 2019

Still on the Pittsburgh tip we have Jason Pascuzzi aka DJ Scuzzi.


Jason Pascuzzi or DJ Scuzzi


Pittsburgh, PA.

Years DJing/collecting:

DJing for 18+ years, collecting records since 1987.

Do you remember the first record you ever bought?

“No Sleep til Brooklyn” 2 copies.

Approximate number of records in your collection:

About 9000.

Genres you collect:

Soul, funk, jazz, disco, house, and techno.

Artist you have the most records by/Label you have the most records by:

James Brown, Sade, and Masters at Work remixes.

Is there a holy-grail record/records you’re still trying to get?

The first Incredible Bongo Band LP.

Favorite place to dig/favorite record shop:

In Pittsburgh it’s Jerry’s records ..been going there since 87 and The Attic Since 94. If I go to Philly it’s Repo Records. When I go to Detroit ..well ..Hello Records, People’s, and Detroit Threads !

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