The Crate Diggers Project

Showcasing DJs and vinyl enthusiasts and their record collections.

Eric Justin’s Collection

November 28, 2019

Next up we have Eric Justin from Pittsburgh, Pa. Before I left Pittsburgh, Eric and I had a monthly at The Goldmark called HOME where we played nothing but classic house on vinyl. He is still carrying on the night with Tony Ruiz. One of the most respected OG jocks in the area.


Eric “ericjustin” Edmondson, I sometimes go by ejust on my online mixes.


Pittsburgh, PA.

My bio:

I grew up un Economy, PA and moved to Pittsburgh when I graduated high school in 95. I was first introduced to house and techno at the age of 16 when some friends took me to an all age event at Club Metropol back in 92. Shortly after, I started buying records at Turbo Zen and begun playing raves and club nights around Pittsburgh. In 94, I got my first club residency at Cloud Nine on 21st in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. It was at this time that I begun to play garage house and tribal which was popular at the time. After a short move to Philly in 97, I returned to Pittsburgh in 2000 and went on to help run Hypervinyl Records. Since my return to Pittsburgh, I have DJed at many club nights around town, most memorable was Sunday Nights at Pub IG.

Years DJing/collecting:

I have been DJing / collecting for 27years.

Do you remember the first record you ever bought?

I recall buying “Stay Hungry” by Twisted Sister in the first grade. I’m pretty sure that was my first LP. lol

Approximate number of records in your collection:

According to Discogs, I have 3,501 records. Check ‘em out

Genres you collect:

Underground House Music, mainly Garage House / New Jersey Sound but I also collect NY, Chicago, and Detroit styles. I also collect Disco and some Techno.

Artist you have the most records by/Label you have the most records by:

Discogs tells me that I have 124 Louie Vega records and 101 from Blaze. I probably have more Strictly Rhythm records than anything else (127) but I am most proud of my Complete discography of John Robinson’s Nott-Us and Black Rain labels. I am also proud of my nearly complete discography of Movin’ Records (1 shy of complete)

How are your records arranged?

My collection is arranged geographically and by label. I try to separate my NJ labels from those from NY but it’s kinda hard. I also have my Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, and Toronto labels filled separately as well as my imports. Disco is filled separately and again by label.

Is there a holy-grail record/records you’re still trying to get?

My holy grail record for many years has been Movin’ Records 012 / Park Ave – Don’t Turn Your Love (remixes) This 12” has a remix from my favorite DJ, Tony Humphries. I need this to complete the discography. Check it out

Favorite place to dig/favorite record shop:

My favorite place to dig has always been Attic Records in Millvale (Pittsburgh) Dance Tracks NYC was always my favorite. I wish it was still open.

Anything else?

These days, I play vinyl and digitally with XDJs but I have not stopped buying records. I will never stop!

Any social media and projects you want to promote:

I’m not very social media savvy but I do have a mix cloud page where you can hear my mixes.

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