The Crate Diggers Project

Showcasing DJs and vinyl enthusiasts and their record collections.

DJ John Michael’s Collection

May 11, 2020


DJ John Michael, NYC


Associate Producer of Music/DJ at Peloton Cycle, Resident DJ at Stonewall Inn, NYC // Tavern On Camac, Philadelphia

What got you into collecting vinyl?

There was always music around my home but my father had a few stacks of 45’s that I listened to on my Fisher Price record player alot growing up. My mother was a stay at home mom and I remember being home during the day with her and bringing my record player into the bathroom while she would get ready and she had a copy of the Barbra Streisand “Guilty” album that we used to listen to all the time. It’s an album I know backwards and forwards and remains one of my favorites. 

As I got older, my parents were very big into Doo Wop and we would go to oldies concerts where they would have record vendors around and I would go with them and buy lots of Doo Wop records…which then of course just continued to spiral out as I got older and 12″ records became more of a thing in my life lol

Years collecting/DJing:

20 years DJing/30 years collecting

Do you remember the first record you ever bought?

I I wasn’t allowed to listen to George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex” as a kid and I didn’t really know why and I remember scrounging money together whenever I could and one day when I was in the mall with my mom I snuck into Record Town in the Staten Island Mall and bought the 45. My cousin Christina and I used to sit in my bedroom with a pair of headphones and listen to it all the time. Hah!

Genres you collect:

While my collection ranges from house music to doo wop to broadway soundtracks, 80’s freestyle and so so much more classic disco and funk/soul are what I tend to gravitate towards. My 45 collection is largely 80’s music tho, cross genre.

Artist you have the most records by/Label you have the most records by:

I would have to list this by remixer and most definitely anything that has Junior Vasquez remixes on it. Peter Rauhofer is probably a close second. If I had to pick an artist, singer wise, Most likely Cher.

Is there a holy-grail record/records you’re still trying to get?

Vivian Reed – Save Your Love For Me on 45. One of the most stunning soul records I’ve ever heard. The original goes for about $250 these days. I have a reissue, but my ocd always knows it’s not the original HAH!

How are your records arranged?

A little bit here, a little bit there, a freestyle section over here, some new pop records over there…and so on and so on. It’s so bad! I need help!

Favorite place to dig/favorite record shop:

Academy Records, NYC; Brewerytown Beats, Philadelphia; Amoeba Records, San Francisco and so many more

Anything else you want to say about your collection?

If it gets any bigger I’m going to have to move out of my apartment. Doesn’t mean it’s going to stop me tho LOL

Any social media and projects you want to promote:

Currently while under quarantine I’m doing daily one hour dance parties at 6PM EST on my Instagram: @djjohnmichael but if you want to hear my sets or my remix work, you can stop by at In person, I hold down two residencies, Monthly at The Stonewall Inn, NYC and bi-monthly at Tavern On Camac in Philadelphia. 

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